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Sisters in Sharqui is more than just dance classes and performance. It's also a unique sisterhood where students and audience members can learn, grow and be entertained by North African and Middle Eastern dances known as Raks Sharqui or Belly Dance, (as it's called in America). Brandy, the teacher/performer/troupe director is trained in classical belly dance, modern belly dance, fusion dance and an array of exciting dance props.

Sisters in Sharqui reflects a passion for the art of dance by sharing it with the community. Are you ready to get up and move? Would you like to make your next event extra special? Read on to find out what Sisters in Sharqui can offer you!


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Whether you are interested in a performance, workshop or weekly classes, Sisters in Sharqui has something to offer you within belly dance. Weekly classes are held at the Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center: 4450 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10040. You may call the center regarding classes at (212) 569-2224. Please also check out our UPCOMING EVENTS!

Dance Classes and Workshops

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Regular classes take place every Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 at the Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center. We do a warm up, drills, veil work, traveling movements and dance combinations. Would you like to bring a unique and exciting presentation to your cultural or health related event? Consider belly dance to teach and excite your crowd! Whether you want to watch, learn or do a combination of both, Press Contact to share the goals of your event and a presentation will be tailored just for you!

Performances, Parties, Restaurant Shows

On Stage or On Location

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Would you like to add that unique touch to your next event? How about a belly dancer to entertain or teach your group (or both)? Your affair will be made all the more memorable with a skilled and beautifully costumed bellydancer! The fun doesn't stop there, however! At your request, your group can be led through some basic moves or even a belly dance contest to amp up your event! Are you looking for belly dance to be the focus of your event or to add Brandy to your talent lineup? Contact us to discuss how belly dance can enhance your special day! *Please, no Bachelor Parties or private dancer requests. This is classy, family entertainment!

Upcoming Events

Harlem Hafla, featuring Camila, Tarik and Naimah!

Camila Karam fron Washington, DC

Camila Karam is a pioneer amongst Black women in the United States who explored the art of belly dancing. She began taking classes in 1975 in the San Francisco Bay area. Camila loved the "body joys" of belly dance and began performing and eventually started her own classes. Her great-grandmother was from Egypt so her bloodline is embellished with the belly dance gene!

In 1983, Camila danced with the first Black belly dance troupe to perform at Rakkasah, a well-known belly dance cconference that occurs on both the East and West Costs of the US every year. The name of the troupe was Meroe and the Moorish Fantasy Dancers. She also coined the term, "North African Dance" to pay homage to the roots and fundamentals of the dance and has always educated all who took her class where the dance originated from. Ms. Karam has indeed introduced many women of color to this dance form and continues to do so today.

Camila teaches and performs intricate hip movements, hand movements, veil dancing, taqsims, sword dancing, zil playing, floor work and abdominal rolls. She also includes Yoga Asana in her classes. Camila's style is of a "serpentine grace" and her dancing embraces the gift of healing, empowerment and transformation. She continues her dance with the studies of jazz, ballet and modern dance.

Camila teaches "Earth Goddess Workshops" that educate participants about the healing effects of belly dance, the power of the womb, gardening, Mother Earth Grapevine, color healing, yoga, crystal healing, connecting with and respecting Nature, herbs, psychic development, moon phases, astrology and so much more!

She also has a "Dancing with a Goddess Belly Dance Workshop" DVD for beginners.

Tarik Sultan from NJ

Tarik's introduction to Oriental Dance began with his love of Arabic music as a child. After many years of listening to the various styles of music from Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, he decided it would be fun to dance to it and began studying and researching it in 1985. In 1988 he traveled to Egypt for the first time where he saw not only legendary stars such as Sohair Zaki and Nagwa Fouad, but also the dance as done by the ordinary people, which is the foundation of the performance style. Tarik is very adamant in his conviction that in order to really understand the dance, one needs to focus on the social dance aspect, which represents the overwhelming majority of all dance activity in the region. This is why he focuses heavily on training his students to express the emotional quality of the dance. "The real dance is an emotional expression through movement. The ultimate objective is to learn how to express your individual personality, with passion and charisma. To interpret the music and the mood of the music through your body and soul, not how well you can memorize choreography. The dance is something internal and to master it, one needs to master the art of expressing your unique personality through movement as dictated by the lead of the music."

Tarik began his teaching career in the early 90’s while continually expanding his knowledge and understanding of the dance. Over the years his talent and dedication to the art earned him a reputation as a dynamic performer, and patient, inspiring teacher and choreographer. He has taught and performed across the USA as well as The UK, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Jerusalem, Australia, Trinidad and Argentina. In 2003 he became one of the first male dancers to perform at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, Egypt. He has also performed at the United Nations, Lincolin Center and The Museum of Natural History. Tarik continues to teach and perform regularly in the NY/NJ area. He has also been a featured performer in some of the top nightclubs in New York City such as Casbah Rouge, Mehenata, Horus, The Habibi Lounge, 1001Nights and countless private functions. You can learn more about him by visiting his website at www.tariksultan.net and view his videos on line at YouTube by searching under "Tarik Sultan."

Naimah Loren from Baltimore, MD

Naimah is an award winning belly dancer from Baltimore, MD and director of award winning troupe, Amandari. Her style is an experimental blend of belly dance and other forms of dance. She is now the director of the bi-monthly show Moonlight Tribal Lounge which showcases American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion and experimental styles of belly dance from the area's top professional dancers of that genre. Naimah is also the co-director of Maryland's largest belly dance festival, "Art of the Belly" in Ocean City, MD. When not dancing and creating dance related events, Naimah is an accomplished artist and designer who often crafts her own costumes. You may check out Naimah at http://naimahdances.com.

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Unique Dance Related Items

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Sisters in Sharqui is the exclusive maker of the Swarovski Encrusted Cowrie head jewel and the Bedlah Magnet. Logos, performance art and dancer greeting cards are also made upon request. Check out the gallery to see what can be made just for you!


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